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The Birman, or the burmese sacred temple cat, has an imposing appearence and is an unique breed. It's deep blue eyes attract your gaze towards it. According to standards the Birman cat has a semi-longhair and is middle-sized breed . The males are typically bigger than the females.


The Birman is middle-sized, mildly long, proportional body structure cat. The legs are strong and relatively short with round paws.


The shape of head is strong, the forhead slightly rounded, the cheeks is full, somewhat rounded. The nose is medium-length, chin is firm.

The ears are not too small, medium-sized, placed slightly oblique and forward, not too much on the top of the skull but well-distanced instead. The tips are rounded


The eyes are not completely round, slightly oval shaped. The colour is intense deep blue and outstandingly attractive.


The coat is of medium length, with a thick collar in winter. The facial hair is short. The fur has a silky feel to it, and covers the cat's body like an magnificent veil.The Birmans undercoat is quite short.

Grooming doesn't require undue effort, as the coat is not partial to matting, however we can still make good use of a good quality brush and combe. Apart from play, grooming is an ideal opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our Birman cat.


The tail is medium length, thick, bushy and flexible.



The Birman cats special trait is it's white paws, commonly called the glove, on both the front and rear feet. These gloves have to be pure white. As these gloves are randomly inherited, it is difficult to breed these markings. The white markings have to be symmetrical, and can not extend too high on the front feet. The white marking on the back of the rear legs are in the shape of an inverted "V",, this is called spur, this can not extend above the heel. In an ideal situation are this spur symmetrical and run parallel.

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