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november 2017

Oops gave birth her babies 17/04/2017. They are 1 girl and 2 boys. Click here for more information.

april 2017

Vienna gave birth her babies 17/04/2017. They are 3 girls and 1 boy. Click here for more information.

june 2016

Our sweet Oops gave birth her first babies 06/06/2016. They are 2 girl and 1 boy. Click here for more information.

january 2016

New photos in galleries!

Click here for the page of Females.

Click here for the page of Males.

29/08/2015 Again a new family member arrived to us!

We are very happy that again a new kitten arrived to us, this time a nice and lovely little boy. He will be the future „husband” of our Vienna and Oops. We brought him from Italy, we are in love with him from the first moment. Incredibly charming and adorable is his temperament and of course he is a beautiful young boy with good markings. His first show will be already in October.

My beloved Dwight will have the next litter is the last, but of course he will stay with us as a happy neutered boy :)

02/07/2015 A new family member arrived to us!

Oops, the lilac girl arrived to us straight from Sweden. She had a very long journey, a lot of flying and waiting, she didnt say a word, she was a little angel. She slept in my arms, she purred and she patiently waited to come home to her new home.

22-23/11/2014 Budapest - International Traditional Cat show

We presented our little girl, BabyBell Brownie, she is 4 months old and daughter of my fantastic Vienna. Both day she got CACP title in the class of 3-6 months!!! She behaved wonderfully, the judges loved her. They said, she has developed bones, body at her very young age, excellent coat quality and contrast, super head and nose, beautiful eyes and expression and very lovely character. Said she is a very promising kitten. We are very very proud of her, and of course her new family too.

04-05/10/2014 Budapest - International Catshow

Our results:

Int. Ch. Blue Sky Dwight - 2x CAGCIB

30/07/2014 Our babies has arrived

We have kittens, 2 girl, 3 boy.

More infos here.


23/03/2014 Our babies has arrived

Vienna gave birth her first babies: two boys and one girl. The birth went well, it began at noon, within one and a half hours borned all babies. Vienna is a wonderful mother and the babies are growing very well. One of the boys needs a little bit help in feeding, but he will catching up soon.


2014 March

We would like to share with everyone our happiness! Our princess, Vienna is expecting her first babies at the end of March :)) We are so exciting. She is fine,  her belly is growing and growing.


08/03/2014 Budapest - Hill's International Cat show

Our little princess is pregnant and we did not want to leave her at home with family, therefore we were only at Saturday on show with our boy, Dwight. His success was huge, the Dutch judges loved him, and the public too :) Dwight got his last CACIB, so now he is International Champion!! :) At present he is the only Birman in Hungary with this title :))) We are incredibly proud of him.


23/11/2013 Budapest-show


1xCAC, 1xNom BIS, 1xCACIB

Super results, we're very happy


05-06/10/2013 Budapest-show


2xCACJ, Breed champion title, 1xCACIB,1xNom BIS,1x BIS

We're incredibly proud of our cats

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