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Our cats and kittens live with us, they have free admittance to everywhere in our house. We've converted one of the rooms into a separate catroom, where they have everything they need for sleep, rest and play.

We educate the Babybell kittens in lot of love, in peaceful environment, where they get used to the normal household noises and events that they may come across throughout their lives. We provide them with happy and stress free life and we ask this the new family too. We'd, if everyone would think, who would to buy such a kitten, that is able to undertake  the responsibility, will love, defend, care the baby,
play with him/her, or cherish the cat, if it is needed.

It is important for us that we have personally contact the new owners, before we give the babies. We try to ensure to find the best home fir our kittens.

Our kittens are full vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. They are from tested and healthy parents. We give the kittens with sales contract and pedigree.

We do not sell kittens in Hungary for breeding, only for pets. If the kitten goes for abroad, either for breeding or as pet, will get a passport and rabies vaccination. Kittens as pet must be neutered.

Every kitten sold is registered with MMME, and the pedigree certificate is completed by them.

Our kittens can be with their new families when 12 - 13 weeks old  within Hungary, generally 14 - 16 weeks old when going abroad. We accept the reservations when the babies will be 8 weeks old.

We feed our cats with premium food like Acana, Orijen, Hill's, Purizon, Farmina N&D. We believe in a mixed feeding, they receive dry and wet food too, premium Cosma, Applaws, Feringa, MAC's, Schesir. They They receive regular cooked meat.

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