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No other breed can boast with such a beyond imagination original story than the Birman cat.

It is said that many years ago Burmese temples had only white cats, and  they enjoyed special protection. Then one day the temples came under attack during which most of beleivers were killed. One of the priests stood by the statue of the blue eyed Tsun-Kyan-Kse godess when he was struck down, on his last breath a white cat jumped on him and gazed at the statue of the godess. The cat's eyes instantly turned blue , the ears, face, legs and tail of cat turned a darker shade. Only it's paws stayed white. In that moment all the other cats in the temple also went throught in same change.

In the early 1900 years arrived 1-2 Birmans secretly in France. The male didn't survive the jurney, however the female was pregnant on arrival.

It is a generally accepted fact that the breed originated from France, and that it was cross bred. The Birman certainly has siamese and persian ancestry. The breed was also first recorded in this country in 1925.

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