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Name: IC. HU*Blue Sky Dwight
Nickname: Totyi, Nyuszifül
Date of birth: 19/04/2012
Colour: Seal
Tabby point (chocolate and dilute gene carrier)
Bloodgroup: A/a
FIV/FELV: negative


  • Father: Dwayne Blue Harmony, SK -  seal point

  • Mother: Freya’s Cats Eliza  - blue tabby point


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Dwight came to us in 2012 from a Hungarian cattery. He is our first Birman cat and my great love. When we saw him at his 6 weeks old age, we irrevocably fell in love with him. I haven't met a  sweeter, gentler, lovable  cat yet than he. He loves hiding and being with us, I feel there's a strong trust between us.

He is an exceptional individuality, incredibly communicative, with his beautiful bigeyes and gentle voice he conveys his thoughts. He always seek our company and doesn't like to be alone. He's a mature serious male who will willingly participate in some play, he's then like a playful little kitten.
Him and his incredible nature helped  to form in us the thought of breeding.

Name: IT*Orientalsun AC/DC
Nickname: Acey
Date of birth: 06/04/2015
Colour: Seal point
FIV/FELV: negative


  • Father: A*Nelson vom Blütengarten blue point

  • Mother: IT*Nocturnals Selina seal point


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With the arrival of Acey came my old dream true. He has an amazing character and his type is very nice. His head, his bones, the quality of his fur, and which for me was very important, his ear position and size, all is super. It is very difficult to find any kitten, whom has such a well-positioned ears. I love him as hes. He settled in a few days to us, and became a very good friend with Oops and later with Vienna too. These three held great game parties.

m very very grateful for Chiara, without whom my dream would not have have been fulfilled! Thank you so much to you my dear friend!

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