Temperament - Birmans

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The Birman is a sweet, pleasant, soft, friendly breed. Comparatively peaceful, tolerant cat. It' voice is not conspicuous and soft. If they want something, they tend to use body language and eye contact to achieve their goal, but there are very talkative Birman cats.

They love company, wether it be family members or other cats. They do not like to be alone. The Birman cat needs to be loved, to have human contact, attention, and I think, there's no better experience than to play with a Birman and be on the same wavelength with they.

The Birman is moderately active, but is however a playful breed, and will willingly take part in playful activity.
They are very intelligent, clever, and droll natured. They get on well with other family pets and children. Agressive behaviour to alien to them. If they find something too loud or noisy for they, they simply move to a quieter place.

With a little patience and goodies, there's no trick that a Birman cat couldn't learn.

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